Is It Good To Have Succulents At Home?


Do you know that even a single succulent can improve your mood and reduce your stress? This kind of plant is ideal for people of all ages, since it has numerous health advantages, in addition to its attractive appearance.

Succulents give your house a more aesthetic look and color, they are easy to care for as they do not need too much water.

If you are confused and don’t know how good it can be for your home, follow this article and find out why it is the best decision to have succulents at home and what benefits you can get from it.

How do identify what type of succulent you have

You are learning about the variety of succulents and their unique requirements, However, there is one drawback: occasionally, plants at the store are simply labeled “Succulent type”, or you get some cuttings from a friend who doesn’t know their identity Since so many Succulents resemble one another, identification can be difficult. So, here is a list of some characteristics to consider when you want to identify Succulents.

  • Shape, size, and thickness of a leaf.
  • Colors of the stems, flowers, or leaves.
  • Bumps or marks on the leaves
  • Growing conditions
  • Resistance to cold
  • Hairs with cilia

Benefits of having succulents at home

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Whether it is Peace Lilies or Lithops plants have positive effects on health when they are kept indoors. They enhance your quality of life in several ways and bring a little touch of nature within.

But when it is related to keeping you happy and healthy, one kind of plant stands out above the rest it is the the succulent.

The succulent have a special quality that makes them beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health when kept inside. Continue reading to find out why using succulents can improve both your home and your health.

Your breathing air is cleaner

It is commonly known that there is polluted air everywhere, However, large cities with plenty of manufacturing and traffic are not the only places where there is polluted air. Additionally, your home is where you least expect to find it. Succulents are the finest choice for cleaning the air in your space.

Succulents continue photosynthesis overnight, releasing oxygen into your house permanently, unlike other plants that only do so during the day.

They constantly remove pollutants from the air around you by absorbing Carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, which provides you with clean, fresh air.

Humidity is no longer a problem

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The majority of people don’t think about the humidity level in a space where they are watching TV or playing video games. Many of them believe that humidity is more of an outside issue than an inside one.

However, to protect everyone’s health inside a house, there is a requirement for enough humidity.

It is advised that your home has a humidity level of between 30% and 50%, you have two options to solve problems connected to humidity at your house. One is to use tools like humidifiers and the second is placing a few Succulents and letting them do their thing.

The Jade plant is one succulent that you may use to raise the humidity levels in your house. Also, if you want to reduce humidity in your home, try succulents from a Euphorbia family, called Dragon bone cactus.

Your focus and productivity are improved

Our life being busy and active all the time these days is virtually a certainty. It is challenging to be focused during the day because there are so many daily distractions. You might not know but succulents have the incredible capacity to help you focus better and work more efficiently. Yet how?

As you already know, succulents photosynthesize both during the day and at night, ensuring the constant supply of clean oxygen in the area they are located. inhaling more oxygen throughout the day is made possible by this procedure, which raises the amount of oxygen in your house.

A brain that is probably oxygenated is more energized, which leads to improving concentration and focus, it helps you to enhance your memory and be more productive.

To keep your mind in a good shape and your days more productive, place the succulents called an agave and Elephant bush in your home office.

You can handle stress better

Going outside and breathing some fresh air is one of the most commonly advised methods for reducing stress. Because of responsibilities like work and the unpredictable nature of the weather, it is not always possible to go outside and breathe fresh air. However, you can transport that “fresh air” to your house, where you can enjoy it, with the help of succulents.

Having succulents in your home allows you to breathe more pure oxygen, which lowers your stress level. In fact, Oxygen-rich air has been “treated” for Post-traumatic stress disorder in order to help veterans manage their condition.

Giving yourself healthier air to breathe will help raise your body’s serotonin levels, which will stabilize your mood and make you happier. Remember that succulent called Haworthia is best for your body and your mind. 

You recover quickly from injury and illness

Succulents cannot only lower your risk of getting sick but they can also hasten your recovery from accidents and diseases. All of this can be related to the additional oxygen that this succulent produces in your home.

Athletes frequently use oxygen therapy to speed up their recoveries from injuries since healthy cells lead to a speedier healing process, just as a well-oxygenated brain would result in improved focus.

Damaged cells need to be replaced with fresh ones, in order for your body to recover after the injury. Similar to how healthy cells must compete to replace diseased ones while your body recovers from the illnesses.

These healthy cells are nourished by the oxygen you breathe, which enters your bloodstream immediately. So your body’s cells can heal you more quickly and effectively if you breathe in more pure air. We suggest you buy the succulent called donkey tail and start enjoying the advantages of more oxygen.

Succulents and their medicinal uses

You may be wondering how adding succulents to your house might offer any more health advantages, but there are.

All the advantages that I mention above are quietly provided by succulents, but there are still more benefits of having this plant in your house. Numerous succulents have healing properties and below we will discuss some of them.

SucculentsMedicinal properties/uses
AloeOften used to cure sunburns, and can be used to treat eczema symptoms, wounds, arthritis, conjunctivitis, and sinusitis symptoms.
BaobabOften used to treat high fever and diarrhea. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
Pig’s EarCan be used to get rid of warts, reduce the discomfort of toothaches and earaches, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Elephant’s footAble to be utilized to treat wounds and sores, and in certain cultures, it is used to create cortisone.

Bottom line

Succulents are the ideal indoor plants for your general health and well-being, that much is obvious. These lovely and helpful plants are a wonderful member of your family.

It will help you to deal with stress, and anxiety and purify the air that you breathe. So, we hope, after reading this article, you will decide to have one succulent in your house to enjoy the benefits and advantages that succulents can give you.

Peride Beradze
Peride is an avid planter, Tour Manager and freelance writer. She is a plant collector who mainly focuses on succulents. She loves studying cultures, traveling and learning new languages.

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